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We are a therapist owned physical therapy practice and have proudly served the citizens of Northeast Georgia since 1989.

Our Mission:

Is to provide outstanding orthopedic and sports related physical therapy care to the residents of Toccoa and Northeast Georgia. Committed to personal care, a friendly atmosphere, and excellence in physical therapy science and practice, Physical Therapy Specialists is proud to say we’ve put “healing in motion” for over 30 years in the Northeast Georgia area.

Physical Therapy Specialists Provides Physical Therapy for Toccoa GA, Lavonia GA, Cornelia GA, Westminster SC and Commerce GA

Our Services

Physical Therapy Specialists provides therapy services to people with physical conditions resulting from a variety of causes.

Direct Access to Physical Therapy is Here!
Physical Therapy Specialists are Individual Physical Therapist that are able to perform rehabilitation therapy directly to patients without a doctors referral.
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Hear From Our Recovered Clients

  • The care that I received at PTS has been exceptional.

  • PTS has helped me regain mobility and health.

  • The staff is very friendly. The building is always clean.

  • Ben Ramsey, Ellen Seib and the rest of the team at PTS have managed the rehab of both my knee replacements and an ankle replacement.

  • Best PTs around! The entire staff, from the front office, assistants and therapists all have the best attitudes and are so encouraging.

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Meet Our Staff

  • Debbie Yates

    PT, MS
    physical therapy Toccoa GA

    Debbie has enjoyed the practice of physical therapy in the Northeast Georgia area for the past 30 years. She is passionate about helping patients get to the root cause of their musculoskeletal symptoms with the goal of returning to an active lifestyle.

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  • Ellen Seib

    PT, MBA
    physical therapy Lavonia GA

    Ellen has cared for a variety of patients over the last 33 years as a physical therapist in the Northeast Georgia area. Specializing in the care of orthopedic patients, she enjoys the opportunity to encourage individuals to improve their posture, establish a new exercise habit, and take steps toward improvements that allow them to return to their families and favorite activities.

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  • Keaton Yearwood

    PT, DPT
    physical therapy Cornelia GA

    Keaton graduated from The University of North Georgia with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2016. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science from North Georgia College & State University. He is certified in Dry Needling.

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  • Joseph Taylor

    PT, DPT
    physical therapy Westminster SC

    Joseph Taylor received his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Augusta university (Medical College of Georgia) in 2017. He specializes in outpatient orthopedics and sports medicine, with an interest in treating low back pain.

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  • Brittany C. Parker

    physical therapy Commerce GA

    Brittany, PTA, has been a member of the Physical Therapy Specialist team since 2010. She says that one of the most rewarding parts of her work is helping patients develop the confidence that they can get well.

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  • Ben Ramsey

    PTA, L-AT
    physical therapy Toccoa

    Ben, PTA, L-AT, enjoys both the rehabilitation process and relationships built with his patients. Especially interested in orthopedics, from orthopedic trauma to joint reconstruction, Ben loves to motivate patients throughout their rehabilitation. He likes his patients to be: mobile, agile, and hostile.

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